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Wig & Headscarf


Julia Lampard Wig Lingerie

Product & package made from eco friendly sources
& 100% organic cotton

Wig Lingerie is a revolutionary product designed by Julia Lampard to beat the reoccurring challenges of wearing a wig. It has been carefully crafted with effortlessness and ease at the heart of its design. A patented creation that allows your wig to fit seamlessly into your everyday life. The wig lingerie is available in two colours, Mink and Platinum to compliment your skin tone or hair.

Move with total confidence, the lingerie firmly grips to any wig

Soft cotton muslin protects delicate scalps from irritation

Woven cotton allows airflow to the scalp and absorbs perspiration

Wear on a bare scalp or over a full head of hair.

A revolutionary product and packaging made from eco-friendly sources

“Thank you so much Julia and your team for giving me my confidence back. There is nothing more devastating than suffering hair loss and thinning. I now have luscious thick hair which looks so natural. Your attention to detail and personal service has been a life-saver” - Karen

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