Specialist Hair Services

At the Julia Lampard hair salon we use luxury products from Davines in order to provide our specialist hair services. The Davines product range in particular is sustainable, and is formulated in a way that is sensitive to the environment. Davines provide products which contain naturally-derived ingredients, and are free from harmful chemicals. 

As a salon, we are dedicated to ensuring that you look and feel better than when you arrived.

We offer a range of specialist hair services such as:

Balayage, Ombré and Flamboyage

Specialist hair services such as : Balayage, Ombré and Flamboyage are in demand, because they add an extra dimension to your hair. Balayage is very popular as the hair colour is applied in a sweeping motion with a brush. The finish is very soft and textured, resulting in a sun-kissed appearance - even in the Winter!

Ombré is similar to Balayage, although the effect is more pronounced. Our customers choose this look if they want to create a bit of contrast or drama. Our technical team can help you choose the best hair colour and style to suit your complexion.

Flamboyage is similar to Balayage and Ombré. It is a softer and more natural looking version of both.

We all undergo regular training with Davines and Vidal Sassoon, in order to keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques in the hair and beauty industry.


Balayage is a French word that means: to sweep. It is a popular technique in the hair industry, as it involves applying hair colour with a brush to coat individual sections of hair. The result is a stunning, sun-kissed look that works for all hair types. It is hugely popular with celebrities who want to upgrade their look without having all over colour.

A common misconception is that it is only suitable for blondes. On the contrary, Balayage suits everyone from blondes and brunettes to redheads. The beauty of Balayage is that because of its very nature, it lasts a long time. Also, once the colour starts to grow out, the effect still remains beautiful as the colour is very subtle.

For expert advice and further inspiration, contact a member of our team who will be happy to assist you. They can help you find the right hair colour to suit your complexion.

Our team is trained in hair colouring techniques such as Ombré, Balayage and Flamboyage, ensuring that there are a variety of different hair effects to choose from. We use Davines products which are free from parabens and ammonia. Both of these hair care ranges are kind to hair, support the environment and provide a translucent and natural-looking finish.

Please note that prior to having your first hair colour treatment with us,  you will need to have a 48-hour skin test. Also, if you are visiting us for the first time and intend to have a Balayage treatment, you will need to have a consultation with one of our colour technicians.

Keratin Complex Smoothing

Keratin Complex Smoothing is the perfect treatment for people with frizzy or hard to control hair. It is really popular with celebrities because the effect is stunning. A special solution is applied to the hair, before it is set with a hot iron. The result is a beautiful, glossy finish that lasts for up to two months. It saves time in the longer term and combats the impact humidity can have on the hair.

Individual attention for every client

As a team we pride ourselves on giving every customer our individual attention and quality time. Our approach is unique because we give our clients the space and time to reflect and relax. To this end, we have a private consultation room for our customers who need some privacy. 

Advice on thinning hair

Some of our clients are experiencing hair loss due to stress, emotional reasons or because they are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. It can be a very upsetting and unsettling time. Here at our salon, we help put our clients at their ease, as that is very important to us. We can at least help them to feel more confident about their hair.

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