Keratin Smoothing and Thickening Treatments


There is a lot of talk in the media about Keratin Smoothing and Thickening treatments, but how many people understand exactly what Keratin is and what the benefits of using it are?

For us, Keratin is a wonderful source of naturally-produced protein that is found in the hair. It is the perfect solution for our clients as it not only addresses problems found within the hair, it is 100% natural.

We use only the best sources of Keratin to smooth the hair fibres for frizzy and unmanageable hair, and to add volume and thickness to thinning hair. Some say it’s magic. The magic certainly happens when it’s in the hands our team. They create lasting results that bring a confidence and vibrance to our clients as they leave the salon.

Keratin Straightening and Thickening Treatments
Keratin Straightening and Thickening Treatments
Keratin Straightening and Thickening Treatments


One of our most popular services, Keratin smoothing is a treatment that makes the hair smooth and more manageable, taking away any fluff and frizz. It lasts for up to two months and helps prevent hair from becoming frizzy in humid conditions. To prolong the effectiveness of the treatment, we recommend that you use our specially formulated Davines shampoo and conditioner afterwards. After the treatment you can take them away to use at home.

Keratin is a structural protein which ensures that your hair, nails and skin remain strong. It prevents heat damage, breakage and frizz; and contributes towards strong and healthy hair.

How Keratin Smoothing treatments work:

The treatment involves applying the Keratin Smoothing solution to the hair in order to break the bonds, and it reseals them in a straighter position. The solution is then blow-dried, before being sealed with a flat iron to smoothen and straighten the hair. You can expect to have beautiful and glossy hair by the end of the treatment.

How long should it take?

It takes around ninety minutes to complete a treatment, although it depends on the length of your hair.

What are the benefits of a Keratin Smoothing treatment?

If you would normally straighten your hair, it can save you time, as you’ll spend less time blow-drying your hair. The treatment itself last for up to two months, so think of all the time you’ll save over the course of several months using our keratin smoothing treatment!

Also, opting for the Keratin Smoothing effect means that you will be able to go out without having to worry about any humidity changes. For instance, if there was light rain, then your hair should remain the same; rather than becoming frizzy as a result of the added moisture.

Tip: you should avoid washing your hair for several days after the treatment, in order to give the solution time to work. Remember to use the Davines products we recommend post-treatment, to ensure that the effect lasts.


Keratin Thickening is the perfect treatment for people who have fine or thinning hair, as a result of stress or because of on-going medical care.

The treatment itself consists of pure, organic Keratin fibres being applied directly to the hair. We use KeratinMD, who have created a series of products using this naturally-occurring protein. The natural fibres are designed to statically cling to the existing hair, building up each strand for thicker-looking hair. The protein fibres blend in with your natural hair and are colourfast, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The process we use is carefully followed to treat the hair with the upmost care and attention. Energising shampoo and oils are applied before carefully blow drying the hair. Keratin fibres are applied to the scalp, and gently combed through before the Keratin finishing spray is applied to seal the fibres to your natural hair.

This is a highly effective treatment because the Keratin fibres are designed to be undetectable and look completely natural, even in daylight. One of the main benefits of our Keratin Thickening treatments is that your new hairstyle will last longer and your hair will look shinier and more naturalistic.

To find out more about any of our specialist Keratin treatments, why not give us a call on: 01483 579977.

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