Julia Lampard Wig & Headscarf Lingerie Story

It all started a hot summer in August about 2012 years ago when a client of mine Kate came into the salon stating she was happy with the look of her wig but unfortunately found it too hot and uncomfortable to wear. Fortunately, when Kate arrived, she had some muslin tied to her head which triggered off alarm bells as I had been reading about people when going through Chemotherapy to make sure that their pillowcases are made from natural fibre to protect their sensitive scalp. I could not understand when wearing a wig as it’s made from synthetic fibres and the possibility of the natural Muslin fabric working would be a great result in helping to protect our clients head. Seeing the muslin tied to Kate’s head made sense to me, muslin being natural breathable fabric. I place Kates Wig on top of the muslin and to my amazement not only was the muslin protecting the scalp but also held the wig in place so there would be no concerns of their wig moving. This delighted me and, also delighted Kate that we had a solution to the problem.

I bought some muslin and requested Doris I lovely lady and client of mine who was a seamstress and requesting her to make up some triangles of the muslin fabric. Which at that time I would tie the triangle to my client’s head cut the three corners and stitched to fit each client’s head. There was no charge for this service my only request was that if our clients wished help others, to put a donation of money into one of the two charity boxes we had chosen to support.

Time went by and one of my clients said Julia why don’t you get this product patented this is when I realised, I needed something more sophisticated than my current service. The following day I was on the phoned Doris. I said Doris, please can you help me as I need to come up with a design to fit my client’s heads and my stitching is pretty, terrible. Both Doris and I spent time together coming up with the best solution to move forward with. And from that day forth has been a continuous wonderful journey and working progress in my life. At long last a tried and thoroughly tested, finalised product. From Julia Lampard Muslin Wig Liner to Julia Lampard Wig & Headscarf Lingerie. Keeping you fresh by washing daily the wig lingerie. Also, protect your scalp and the inside of the wig giving a longer life span of the base or the wig.

The Salon Experience

For the full experience of a Wig & Headscarf Lingerie we welcome you into our beautiful Guildford Salon.

At Julia Lampard we work with men, women and children who have experienced hair loss as a result of alopecia, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, burns and accidents.

Whatever the reason, you are assured of a warm welcome and caring, discreet service from our friendly team. Our salon in Guildford has a dedicated room for consultations, styling, colouring and cutting where comfort and privacy are guaranteed. We have more than 100 carefully selected styles in the salon, made from human and synthetic hair, with many more to choose from. During your consultation we will consider the wig measurements very important to find the right size of the wig, your natural hair texture, style most suit to you and colour and what will be most complementing to your skin tone and eyes.

Our aim is to make anyone who has given up hope of enjoying their hair, feel confident and leave smiling. Where there is an approved medical condition that results in hair loss, wigs, Wig Lingerie and top pieces can be purchased without VAT.

*please note: Wig Lingerie VAT exemption can only be applied when purchasing a wig

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