"The Julia Lampard wig Lingerie has transformed what is an uncomfortable hot and miserable experience of wearing a wig in the summer months, particularly at work, to one of cool comfort and confidence. The design is excellent!"

"Julia has shown her devotion to her clients yet again by inventing her very own Wig Lingerie which makes my wig not only feel more secure, it is easy to wash and dry and prevents my head from becoming hot and sweaty. A genuine winner! Thank you, Julia, for your wonderful service."
Sue M.

"The Wig Lingerie is an enormous success, well done to you. My head is just cool I can't believe it. The rest of me got really hot and sweaty but my head is cool. A wonderful Wig Lingerie."

"This is the 2nd Wig Lingerie I have had, the 1st one was a prototype: all Julia's own work. It was wonderful! It was cool and easy to use. It always felt secure, consequently I didn't hesitate to request the new version, I would recommend it to anyone."

"Wearing the Wig Lingerie underneath my wig is excellent. It keeps my head cool and free from perspiration. It prevents any chapping or roughness - very important when you have little or no hair. It helps the wig to sit properly and firmly as it grips onto the Wig Lingerie. It's a wonderful product which only enhances the comfort and the fit of my wig"

"I wanted to let you know that my wig is fitting so much better since you fitted the Wig Lingerie for me, it no longer bunches up or rides upwards. A huge improvement!"

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