Zoom from the comfort of your home.

Help you make the right choice of wig in the way which is as relaxing, private and comfortable as possible, we offer our professional Wig Consultation service by Zoom.

Your Consultant will talk you through the following:

  • Wig base examples eg Double Monofilament with no Lace Front, Lace Front with all Hand tied base, Machine Wefting or Monofilament with Lace Front.
  • Hair types: Synthetic, Special Heat Resistant Fibre, 50/50 Human and Synthetic mix and Human Hair.
  • Head size Video: we will send you this by email, demonstrating head measurements for Zoom consultation. Please make sure to have a soft tape measure to take you measurements in centimetres.


  • WIG MEASUREMENTS: to find your right cap size. XS 48-52 cm. S 52-54 cm. M 54-56 cm. L 56-58 cm. XL 58-60 cm.
  • WIG COLOUR: to complement skin tone and eyes. During your consultation, please have available, your most favourite colour of clothing a colour which you know lifts you.
  • WIG DENSITY: no matter how well the wig is cut, it's very important to find the correct density.
  • WIG STYLE: the right style for you depends very much on your reason for purchasing a wig.

There are four main reasons why clients buy our wigs:

1/. Hair Loss through chemotherapy:

It is very important for us to source the wig most similar to your own hairstyle and colour at its best, and to choose the correct colour tone to complement your skin and eyes. Our focus is on helping you to feel yourself again and restore your confidence through this very difficult time. My team are here for you through the Post Chemo stage helping you every step of the way with your new hair growth and working towards different styles to get you back to your favourite hairstyle and colour. Please feel free to request the private room if this would make you more relaxed and help you enjoy your time with us. The colour brand we use is Keune the So Pure range, which is natural and 100% Paraben and Ammonia free. Enriched with certified organic ingredients. Amazingly kind to your hair and your skin. We recommend not to colour your hair until five months after your last chemotherapy treatment. We'll need to do a skin test 48 hours before you have your colour done.

2/. Hair loss through Alopecia:

If you have been used to wearing wigs, we’re open to discussion towards a different wig style and colour to suit you most complimenting your personality and lifestyle. We recommend human hair range of wigs to choose from, and we can cut and style the wig then proceed to blow-drying using our work-head & clamp. We provide a private room which gives privacy for you to relax and enjoy your time with us during your Cut & Style. One of our Alopecia clients quotes “When I have brought my wig to be styled it becomes my hair and no longer a wig”. An alternative to a wig if you have patches of hair missing through Scar, Areata or Trichotillomania, is our all-natural Keratin hair-building fibre, which is amazing for disguising bald patches. The fibres will stay in place throughout the day, leaving you feeling confident.

3/. Thinning hair loss:

A wig or a top piece, is a wonderful accessory when you're feeling in need of a boost for any occasion.  My team is here to advise you on style, colour and products that will make an amazing difference in helping to gain the absolute very best through thinning hair. We only work with natural products. This is an area we specialise and help many of our female clients regain hope and femininity. If you'd like a cut and blow dry, we provide a private room where you can relax and enjoy your time with us

4/. Corporate occasions:

Wearing your wig for an important meeting and very useful when working from home from Zoom meetings you want have to worry about your hair through not having the time, or the expertise to style and manage your hair. We recommend you purchase a wig which is most similar to your own hairstyle and colour at its best complementing your skin tone and eyes, this will ensure you have confidence in your appearance, especially when first wearing a wig.
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