Hope is on the horizon. The tide is beginning to turn as we end 2020. It is so important that we remain hopeful that the future is going to be stronger and brighter for us all. Whether it be through scientific advances or what we have learned as life was been stripped back to the basics of survival and love.

As we approach the new year, we need to remain kind and support each other, our community, and the environment. The passions we all hold so dear should be shared with the world; there is always something we can offer that will make a difference to someone. Whether it be our words or actions, there is always an impact on what we do – as individuals, we can make a difference to the world in which we live.

I am lucky enough to be privy of some of these hopes and dreams as my wonderful clients settle into my chair and I set to work on their hair. I remain humbled by their kindness and their appreciation of their friends and family; it is a kindness that radiates throughout the salon. Kindness and hope are infectious becoming a tangible energy that can be felt by those all around.

Our clients frequently say that the atmosphere in the salon is warm and welcoming. This comes from the energy we project as a team and the clients we attract. As our salon doors open again in December, I remain hopeful that we will all move forward together, continuing to support each other through hope, love and genuine appreciation. This is where the true beauty lies.

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