• When Brushing Wet Hair Important Tips to Remember

When your hair’s wet, it is at its weakest, and although it might seem easier to detangle your hair in or straight after you get out of the shower rap in a towel for a few minutes then brush your hair through gently. When brushing long to medium length hair start from the bottom working your way up with preferably a Paddle Brush or a Manta Brush. We find when working through our client’s wet hair, we will use the Davines OI Oil or the All in One Milk. This protects, moisturises and gives the hair more bounce and shine.

Manta Brush - top hair care tips
The MANTA is the first brush to mould to the shape of your hand & scalp. It creates less tension on each strand, meaning minimum breakage while massaging the scalp for a fuller, healthier and shinier hair.
  • Reduce Heat Exposure

As we enter into the winter months, drying your hair with a blow-dryer becomes more appealing. You shouldn’t go out into the cold with wet hair, but if you’re staying at home, try to let your hair dry naturally to help reduce the exposure to heat. Limiting how often you use curlers or straighteners. We recommend Davines Melu hair shield heat protection Shop Online A little heat won’t hurt your hair too much, but if you’re applying heat to it every day, your hair will begin to lose its elasticity and struggle to stay nourished.

  • Try Different Treatments

If you do have dry hair using this array of beautiful and natural Davines intense treatments to choose from The Renaissance Circle Treatment, Nou Nou Nourishing Repair Mask, OI Hair Butter Treatment or Naturaltech Vegetarian Miracle Mask. These can be used weekly or once in a while will help your hair to feel nourished once again. Shop Online, or you can ask your hair salon for more info. If your hair is starting to feel thin or needs smoothing out, consider having a keratin smoothing treatment. This product is amazing with helping mostly for fluffy flyaway hair. How it can be frustrating when you have taken the time to blow dry your hair smooth, and as soon as your hair picks up any form the humidity your hair goes back to being fluffy and flyaway. This is why we had chosen to invest in the keratin Complex Treatment and have not looked back since. We found it to be kind to the hair. Very effective with coping with humidity and not leaving the hair poker straight. Also working well by not straightening our clients with natural curls and waves just a subtle difference.

  •  Cut Regularly

Great news with this second lockdown has not lasted as long as the first one, so it shouldn’t be too long to wait until you can get your haircut. It’s important to have your hair cut regularly between 5 to 8 weeks to keep the shape and to prevent split and brittle ends. We recommended especially for chemically treated hair to use professional hair products. We find our Davines product range to be the best and to keep your hair healthy and bouncy.

  • Advice On Home Hair Colouring

We strongly recommend not to use any home hair colour. During the last lockdown, when we reopened for business. Unfortunately, we found that some of our client’s colouring with a home colour had a negative effect combined with our natural Davines and SO Pure Keune professional colours. We found this really quite alarming as we had never experienced anything quite like this before.

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