Having time away from regular routines has given us all time to reflect.  Reflect on what is important and maybe even on how we look.  Hair appointments are part of our regular routine and haven take on a new importance.  If you have left your colour and your roots to regrow, you are probably itching to get back into the salon.  And if you did have a go at home colour, don’t worry!

For clients who have been to us before, you will know that we only use Davines and Keune SoPure colour which are made with natural antioxidants that are ammonia and paraben free.  After such a long time since your last appointment, these special formulas will play an even more crucial role in bringing your hair back to its best.

Essential oils penetrate the follicles locking in moisture and multi-faceted colour will bring vibrance and life back to the hair. The special formulas hydrate hair that has steadily dried out through sun damage and faded colour.

Your first return trip to the salon is not just about your roots and the colour.  It is so much more.  It is about the condition and feel of your hair, to bring back the bounce and shine, so that it is back to its natural best.

Greys will be covered, leaving you feeling younger.  Fresh colour that shines, leaves us all feeling uplifted and brighter – something we are all craving after being away for so long.

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